When used equipment is reborn and refurbished … for your benefit

Even used, a passenger seat conserves a residual market value that will significantly increase after workshop and recertification processes.
As AERO CABIN works closely with Aircraft Lessors, Airlines, Design organisations and MROs, your equipment is constantly exposed to the buying market, instead of being stored and isolated in a warehouse awaiting a potential buyer.
The exposure of AERO CABIN SOLUTIONS on the specific trading market of aircraft interiors gives you the assurance of a fast selling turn around time.

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Shortest time
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for your satisfaction

We can offer you total care support with minimum ground times and a high quality product to meet your most demanding requirements of cabin reconfiguration

Cabin reconfiguration

Turn your

inventory into profits

Stock consigned with AERO CABIN SOLUTIONS will be professionally traded worldwide by our experienced sales staff, using the latest sales tools available to bring you the maximum financial return.

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